Lotus Nocturne       

Watercolor 39" x 18.5"

47 cm x 99 cm

Framed Size 24" x 44.75"


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Traveling through Asia I have marveled at lotus ponds I have seen in Bali, China and Japan.  I have wanted to do a large painting in a vertical format for a while and felt this was the perfect subject matter.  I enjoyed designing the composition for this piece and wanted to depict all the stages of the flower from bud, to bloom to the seed pods and the strength of this majestic plant rising to the heavens.  Please visit my blog for more information on the symbolic meaning of the lotus: http://blog.kimminichiello.com/lotus-nocturne/

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Selected for the 3rd Annual Women Painters of the Southeast Exhibition, 2014, at The Magnolia Gallery, Greensboro, Georgia.